AC Power Anytime, Anywhere

Run Lights, Camera, Laptop & other Electronics from this Safe and Reliable Portable AC Source

Because almost every piece of production gear can run off of alternating current, the Freedom-1 portableACPower system is an essential part of every field production kit. With interchangeable F1 Power Modules, production crews have three AC outlets just an arm’s reach away, no matter where their assignment takes them.

• Take anywhere PortableACPower for outdoor and location shooting
• No need for a generator, long cables or proximity to house power.
• Provides clean, pure sine-wave AC power that won’t damage delicate electronics
• Powers a Litepanels 1x1 for over 2 hours on a single F1 Power Module
• For longer runtimes, additional F1 Power Modules available
• Compact & Highly-Portable: 12.5 lbs (5.6kg) including 1 F1 Power Pak
• Car jumper-cable option for 750W continuous power


Take an AC Outlet With You Wherever You Go
Device ExamplesRun Time For 1 Power ModuleRun Time For 2 Power Modules
Litepanels 1x1™ 2 Hours, 20 Minutes 4 Hours, 40 Minutes
Litepanels Sola6™ 1 Hour, 10 Minutes 2 Hour, 20 Minutes
Joker200-K5600™ 30 Minutes 60 Minutes
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Freedom-1 Portable 110v AC Power Solution
$1,150.00 $749.00 Freedom-1 Portable 110v AC Power Solution
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Freedom-1 Portable 230v AC Power Solution
$1,150.00 $749.00 Freedom-1 Portable 230v AC Power Solution
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F1 Power Module
$249.00 F1 Power Module
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Car Battery Adapter
$49.00 Car Battery Adapter
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