Freedom-1 Portable 110v AC Power Solution

Freedom-1 Portable 110v AC Power Solution

Freedom-1 Portable 110V/60Hz AC Power Solution

Freedom-1 Power Solution is available in 110V/60Hz AC or 230V/50Hz AC. The 110V AC model comes with the standard USA grounded plug. The 230V AC model comes with both the UK and Euro power cords. The Freedom-1 Power Solution’s electronics-friendly technology delivers precise pure sine wave AC power, just like AC provided in studio environments.


  • Take anywhere portable AC power for outdoor and location shoots
  • Compact lightweight highly portable AC power
  • Three grounded AC Outlets
  • Provides clean, pure sine-wave AC power that won’t damage electronics
  • LED lights showing power usage and remaining battery life
  • Protection against overload, short circuit and high-voltage input
  • No need for a generator, long cables or house power
  • Car jumper cable option for 750W continuous power


  • Freedom-1 Power Solution Inverter
  • Freedom-1 Charger
  • F1 Power Module
  • F1 DC Adapter Cable (for use in automobile)
  • Freedom-1 Water Proof Soft Case
  • Two Car Battery Cable Bolts

Optional Accessories:

  • F1 Power Module
  • F1 Charger
  • Car Battery Adapter Cables
  • Freedom-1 Fuses (30 Amp)
Need the 230 version? Click here!

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